CT 011: The Five Pillars Of Transformation


Recently my friend Enoch Sears shared these Five Pillars of Transformation that are a simple and powerful framework for taking action and getting the right things done with the right motivation at the right time.

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BOP 063 J. Massey: I Should Have Never Gone To College

J. Massey has a perspective on family, life, business, and money that will force you to confront your own bias.

J believes that his talent is the ability to orate, and forces us to realize that what we need are not jobs, but entrepreneurs who are dredging up new streams of opportunity and revenue, and in order to create those streams we need to be willing to fail fast, fail forward, and fail frequently!


Favorite Verse:

Matthew 25: 14-30 

Greatest Myth In Business Today: 

It takes money to make money”

Book Recommendation:

The Bible

The Science Of Getting Rich – Wallace D. Wattles

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CT 010: 3 Different Ways To Use DISC Profiling To Create A Team You WANT To Work WIth


I recorded this podcast in the car literally the second after I received a Voxer (look it up) from a client wanting me to send him a DISC profile of an existing employee so his new hire could read it and go into the workplace prepared for the other personalities in the office.

YES! Of course!

This is why the BOP Client Training podcast exists…so I can walk out of a Client engagement and train everyone else on what we learned!

I immediately hit the “record” button on my Bossjock podcast app and recorded this episode from the road. We can all learn from this!

Objective profiling (including the DISC) can help you get the objective insight you need to…

1. Hire on purpose
2. Place personnel on purpose
3. Provide insight to new hires in the office so they know what to expect as they walk in!

If you need help with DISC profiling or are interested in a workshop for your team, send us an email at scott@mybusinessonpurpose.com.

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BOP 062 Angus Nelson: What Does The Future Of Work Look Like?

What began as a discussion around faith and work took a fantastic turn into discussion the future of work as Angus Nelson has spent a significant amount of time in preparation for his new book Empowering Work (April 2017).

Angus provides us an honest look into the redemption of God as it relates directly to the value and fulfillment of work.

Angus highlights the power of listening, vulnerability, permission, speed and creativity.

Coming from the “perfect” life of a youth Pastor and slowly walking into a reality covered up by pornography, alcohol, and adultery, Angus’ redemption story is a powerful one that will encourage you!


Favorite Verse:

Matthew 11:28-30

Greatest Myth In Business Today: 

“Working harder will lead to a different result”

Book Recommendation:

Empowering Work (coming in April 2017)

Business Card:


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CT 009: Project Manager vs. Process Manager


I was recently walking a client through a DISC profile for an existing employee and the potential of shifting them into a Project Manager.

I mentioned, “have you thought about creating both a Project Manager AND a Process Manager role?”

Her response, “what’s that?”

My immediate thought, “this will be the topic of our next Client Training podcast.”

As you listen to this brief podcast PACKED with a new concept, begin thinking, “do I need a Process Manager, and are my Project Managers well placed?”

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Click here to listen to a comprehensive, 30-minute DISC training video so you can learn “how to get the right people in the right place for the right role” (from Jim Collins).

BOP 061 Mike Schmitz: How Mike Fights The Urge To Overcommit

Did you know that direct or indirect email involvement in the typical business owner or employee consumes about 6.7 hours of the day?

The misuse of email (which is simply a tool) is sucking the productivity and life out of businesses and your personal emotional tank.

It is one thing that keeps us from connecting to DEEP WORK and our one thing!

Mike Schmitz gives us an incredible opportunity to realize that “revelation gives a blueprint, and wisdom builds the house.” In order to have the time and thought to get both revelation and wisdom…we need quite time and we need to be able to fight the urge to overcommit.

Listen to how Mike and his team are doing it.


Favorite Verse:

Matthew 25: 14-30

Greatest Myth In Business Today: 

“Work-Life Balance”

Book Recommendation:


Business Card:



Asian Efficiency Podcast


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BOP 060: The Story Of How I Went From A COMPLETE UNDERDOG To A Full Ride Scholarship @ USC

The 60th episode is a special one around here because of the jersey that sits behind me on any given online meeting or mastermind. My #60 Carolina Gamecock jersey was something that was hard to obtain and worth every drop of sweat and embarrassment along the way.

In this episode I take you on a discovery walk through my story from a weak, slow, awkward College Freshman, to a weak, slow, awkward starting Deep Snapper on the University of South Carolina Division-1 SEC Football team with on a full ride scholarship.

It is an underdog story and one I hope you enjoy!

By the way, watch around minute 30:35 on the YouTube video and you will see my first ever snap in a live game!!!


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CT 008 Why We Should Be Attracted To A Habit Of Implementation vs. Cool Ideas


I tend to be an idea factory and it can get me in trouble. Not in trouble because I’m out causing chaos in the world, but in trouble because it can cause other people to expend emotional labor and having to think through and work through the ideas that I generate.

I’ve had to learn and really discipline myself over the last few years to start thinking more about implementation. I don’t want to put a moratorium on ideas but instead I want to have an outlet for ideas. Let’s be honest, that’s part of why the Business On Purpose podcast exist, it’s an outlet for ideas.

Let’s focus on why we should care more about implementation than we do about cool ideas; it is because we can think of all the cool ideas in the world and if there is no implementation…it’s worthless.

It goes back to that quote you hear me say, Joe Callaway says, “Vision without implementation is hallucination.”

I can give you a Ferrari like idea but if there’s no implementation to it…what’s the point.

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BOP 059: Why You Need To Be In A Mastermind

Napoleon Hill introduced the concept of the Mastermind in the early 1900’s after seeing the power of such groups among men with the last names of Ford, Firestone, Bell, Edison, and Hertz.

C.S. Lewis and JRR Tolkien are told to have been members of the “Inklings” a literary mastermind of sorts.

God has created our minds to be powerful assets within our lives, when those minds rally together in community, the results can be explosive!

Regardless of what you have heard about masterminds, I help walk you through the value of a mastermind, and why should either join one, or start your own!

If you desire stagnation, then this will likely not be the podcast episode for you.

If you want growth, development, and progress…listen along and TAKE ACTION!

Interested in a Business ON Purpose Mastermind? Stay tuned to virtualmastermind.mybusinessonpurpose.com


Book Recommendation:

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Business on Purpose Podcast, episode number fifty-nine. Well, it's time. It's

Scott Beebe, your host of the Business on Purpose Podcast. We are simply

here to help liberate the small business owner from the chaos of working in

their business, so that we can help you, the small business owner get your life

back. Hey, you may hear some background noise. This is the beauty of

podcasting. In this new app that we've got that we've been doing the Business

on Purpose Client Training Podcast with. That's called the BossJock App. It's an

incredible app. It gives me the ability to literally pull of to the side of the road.

I am doing this podcast in a local park. There's a road by, so you might hear

some background noise in the background. It's a pretty cool idea, neat thing

that we can do.

Hey, listen. We started the Business on Purpose Podcast, this podcast,

primarily to interview small business owners about how they integrate their

faith in their work. That podcast then kind of blossomed and bloomed into

what we know today as the Business on Purpose Platform where we have the

privilege of coaching small business owners, either one-on- one or in group

coaching in the Four Steps to Business Freedom coaching framework. All of

those ingredients, those primary ingredients of business that small business

owners rarely ever have time for, vision, mission, values, delegation, and

systems roadmaps, [work charts 00:01:28], job roles, meeting agendas, action

item sheets, etc., all those processes that are in your business, hundreds or

thousands of them. We help business owners build all of that so they can see

where their business is so they can spend less time working in it, more time

working on it, and empowering other people. That's what this podcast has

grown into.

As the podcast itself has progressed, I realized that my work as a business

coach to these small business owners has provided and afforded me the

freedom and insight to gain some real pearls of wisdom from the heroic small

business owners that I get to work with. Every now and then, just like on this

episode, I take the liberty to discuss some of the topics that I see that are

impacting small businesses, frankly in a very real way.

Today, what I want to talk about is I want to talk about the priority. I'm using

that word intentionally. It's not the idea, not the topic, not the brilliant little

insight. I'm talking about the priority of Mastermind groups. I want to highlight

one thing before we dive into that topic today. We're actually soon gong to be

launching the Business on Purpose Virtual Mastermind Membership

Community. Essentially, the Virtual Mastermind is a place online where small

business owners can communicate directly with each other and directly with

me. It's not only a place of discussion and insight and discovery, but it's also a

place of real, high accountability.

Honestly guys, as I've been coaching small business owners, I've not found

that what's lacking is strategy, bright ideas, insight, etc.. What I've found that's

lacking is real, straight, accountability. Every time someone commits to do

059- Why And How You Need To Be In A Mastermind Group Page 2 of

something in a Virtual Mastermind, they are then required to go submit their

action plan in the Action Plan Forum within the Virtual Mastermind platform

that we've got and are building right now online. Again, what I'm finding is

that business owners typically don't need more strategy, although strategy's

great. I wouldn't have a job without strategy. It's a priority. What I've found is

that the accountability is really where people need a lot of help. Just know

that that's going to be coming up here pretty soon, the virtual, the Business on

Purpose Virtual Mastermind. It's going to be an online forum, and I'll give you

more details as we progress down that path.

I want to dive into an idea that, and it's really what I want to discuss is that

priority, the importance of Masterminds or a Mastermind group or the

Mastermind concept. This is a concept that I just heard about, I don't know,

probably about a year and a half ago. I heard people talking about it on

podcasts. By the way, if you're not listening to podcasts, not just this one, but

other podcasts on a regular basis, guys at the end of the day, I rarely ever

listen to terrestrial radio anymore. Not that I'm opposed to it, but just the

opportunity to be able to learn, grow, build, develop through the podcasts,

these content that people are putting out is such a powerful, powerful way to

grow in your business, to grow personally, grow relationally, grow spiritually in

every element that we want to be able to grow in.

The podcast is an incredible platform for that, because you can do it while

you're running or changing the oil in the car or whatever, riding in an airplane,

riding down the road. It's a really great platform. With that in podcast, I'd head

a lot about the Mastermind Group and the Mastermind concept and idea. I

wanted to give you a little background into where that came from.

There is a guy named Napoleon Hill. He's no longer living. He wrote a book a

long time ago called Think and Grow Rich. Now I'm going to be honest with

you guys. I heard about this book, again about a year and a half, two years

ago. When I heard about it, my immediate response was, "I'm not really

interested in reading that book." The reason is is because we work in a part of

the world in Nigeria that has been really, really overrun by the Health, Wealth,

Prosperity Gospel. If you don't know me, you probably need to know that I'm

not a huge fan of it quite honestly. I've seen it directly, face-to- face, I've seen it

really, really give a lot of false hope to a lot of people who frankly need real

hope. If you know me of any time, you realize that the Business on Purpose

platform is built on a faith platform, of my faith. Walk with Jesus Christ, and

that's why we built some of the business the way that we built it.

Now, we work with Christians. We work with Jews. We work with Muslims.

We work with Atheists because a lot of the principles that we work through

that I've gotten from my Judeo-Christian background, from my direct

relationship with Jesus, these principles have worked into what we're doing.

That's why we have the privilege of working with so many people. I love it

because I get to see perspective that way. At the same time, this Health,

059- Why And How You Need To Be In A Mastermind Group Page 3 of

Wealth, Prosperity thing … I know I'm getting off on this a little bit, but the

reason I bring it up is because when I read the title Think and Grow Rich, I

thought, "[Isf 00:06:28] I don't … I don't know. I don't know if I want to get

into a book like that." It's written by a guy named Napoleon Hill. Napoleon Hill

wrote in this Think and Grow Rich it's really more of a mindset book.

Now I'm using that word hesitantly because there is a movement called

Mindset that's going on right now. I don't know enough about it to talk

intelligently about it. Some of what I've heard about it's interesting. Some of

what I've heard about it seems frankly a little kind of creepy and kooky. Just

honestly. I don't know want to say that it is. I just don't know enough to talk

about it right now. That's the sense that I get from this book is that it's more of

a book about mindset. It's more a book about kind of training your mind to

think differently about business, about life, about money, about relationships.

One of the major concepts that he writes about in the book Think to Grow

Rich is the concept of the Mastermind. If you've not read this, you can go find

it on Amazon. You can find used copies or whatever. Go check it out. He talks

about this concept of the Mastermind. What in the world is a Mastermind?

Well, put very simply, let me give you a couple of big figures that you would

know: Henry Ford and C.S. Lewis. Henry Ford was a part of a Mastermind, a

group of guys. Now did they call it that? No, not necessarily. I think Napoleon

Hill put a term to it. Henry Ford would get together with guys like himself. I

can't remember specifically who was in that Mastermind with Henry Ford. It

would have been something like a Vanderbilt, these big names, a Rockefeller,

these big names that you've heard about before.

That would have constituted maybe a Mastermind like group that Henry Ford

was a part of. In fact, it was Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Dale Carnegie, Harvey

Firestone, Charles [Rigley 00:08:25], William Hearst, and Graham Bell were all

in a private Mastermind. In some of the research that I've looked up is every

few weeks they would go away together for a day or two and just kind of take

different concepts, different struggles that they were having, different … Even

shiny objects, but they had a place for those shiny objects. They would get

together, and they would walk through and discuss those things. Because they

were somewhat like-minded in what they were doing, even though their

industries were very, very different, they were all at a similar kind of level of

whether you want to call it success or industry or whatever, where they could

get together.

They started to walk through and diagnose or uncover or talk about things to

get perspective. One of the biggest things that we lose when we get into the

entrepreneurial world or small business world or organizational leadership

world, when you get into a leadership position regardless of where that is,

what you necessarily begin to lose, not gain more of, but lose is perspective.

Now there is some perspective you do gain. You know, the higher you get on,

let's say a monument, the farther you can see. You also lose perspective of the

059- Why And How You Need To Be In A Mastermind Group Page 4 of

things that you need to have the ability to be able to see very up close and


A lot of times what a Mastermind can do is that Mastermind can start to peer

into your situation and can sometimes look at you and go, "That's really the

dumbest thing I've ever heard of," or give you perspective on saying, "Hey, I

like the idea. Have you thought about this? Have you thought about this?"

Normally bring situations that people are thinking about.

I want to walk through maybe some situations you might be going through.

For instance, you've got an employee that you might need to promote

because you feel like you're going to lose them. Well how do you do that?

Perfect topic for a Mastermind. You've got an employee that you might need

to separate, terminate. How do you do that? Perfect topic for a Mastermind. I

just, before doing this podcast, left one of the Mastermind groups that I'm a

part of. What did we talk about? Well, one of the business owners talked

about creating a new physical structure for his business. What should he do?

Well, he was barreling ninety miles to nothing down one direction, and

because of the Mastermind concept getting feedback insight from other like

people, not necessarily in his industry, but people away, he totally put the

brakes on that, and he's changing directions. He's spent money. He's spent

time putting all this stuff together, but he was willing to do that because he

had a question.

What about if you're looking to buy a business? In one of the other

Mastermind groups that I'm a part of, we had one of our members about four

or five months ago was going to buy a business for around a hundred sixty

thousand dollars. The two days before we met, he was going to write a check,

but something happened where they weren't able to meet. He was going to

write the check the next day after our Mastermind, decided, "You know what?

I'm meeting my Mastermind Group. I might as well throw this out there,"

thinking we were all going to jump in.

Boy, within about eight minutes, and that's not a lie, within about eight

minutes, he had put his checkbook back in his pocket, and the deal was off,

just because of a couple of questions that his Mastermind asked him. Literally

the Mastermind Group not only saved this guy the hundred sixty grand he was

going to buy the business for, but probably saved him another five years of

headaches, just from asking two or three questions.

What about a product change? A shift in your product or service offering?

Perfect for a Mastermind. What about personal issues that are going on?

Again, in one of the Mastermind I'm a part of, we're talking about marriage

things. We're talking about kids' things. That's not all were talking about.

There's a lot of business stuff that's going on in it as well. It's a platform to be

able to come. This is not a Bible study. I want to be very clear. For those of you

from faith backgrounds, this is not a Bible study, although the Bible is

059- Why And How You Need To Be In A Mastermind Group Page 5 of

discussed periodically. In some cases, other people's faith backgrounds are

discussed in that situation.

This is not a best practice exchange, although best practices are exchanged.

This is not just a sit around and him-haw and hang out together, although that

can happen sometimes. What this is is this is away for people to come

together, take the collective minds around the group, and say, "You know

what? We want to bring mastery to a certain subject through the collective

minds around the table."

Let me give you another insight on this. You know, it's said that at a Canadian

ox pull, at a Canadian ox pull, one Canadian ox can pull somewhere around

eight thousand pounds. When you put two Canadian oxen together, you

would think, "Well, that's … They can pull, you know, somewhere in the

neighborhood of sixteen thousand pounds." It's not true. Two Canadian oxen

together can pull around twenty-six thousand pounds. The power of the

Mastermind is putting minds together so you can get far more done in a group

than you can by yourself.

I don't need to tell you guys this. Any of you have every been involved in team

sports, it's that way. You get this. The reality is when you're a small business

owner, an organizational head, we tend to isolate ourselves instead of

surrounding ourselves. Here's the other beauty and value of a Mastermind is

things that you simply cannot bring up at work. I don't care how transparent. I

don't care how open you tell me the culture is at work. There are certain

things that you simply cannot bring up at work. In a Mastermind, you can bring

those up. Not only can you bring those up, but you're going to get valued,

valued feedback back from your Mastermind group and perspective that you

otherwise would not have had.

I thought it'd be helpful if I actually walked you through what a Mastermind

looks like. I am in … I'm a member of two Mastermind groups. One is a online

Mastermind group, where there's guys all over the country that we meet with

here in the US from all different industries. There's twelve of us in that group.

We've got one facilitator. His name's [Aaron Walker 00:14:20]. He's my

business coach. [Aaron 00:14:22] facilitates that group. We kind of follow a

flow, and sometimes we don't. We usually have a man in the middle. We

usually start the call off with some big wins, but we can get off on a topic if

[Aaron 00:14:37] determines that that topic is going to be kind of a value to at

least a few guys.

Then guys there are sometimes where we totally get off topic. One time we

had a man in the middle. One of our members was having a really hard time

with one of his sons and just needed some insight and perspective. We spent

the entire hour on a father-son relationship. It was powerful, very, very

powerful. Nobody feels slighted or anything. It's a powerful time.

059- Why And How You Need To Be In A Mastermind Group Page 6 of

That's one of my groups. We meet every week. I schedule around that. That is

a nonnegotiable. I've met with that group when I was in Nigeria twice. I've met

with that group when I was in Paris. I've met with that group when I'm on the

road. Out of fifty-two weeks a year, I've probably missed two meetings with

that group. I prioritize that meeting, because it's important to me. I need … In

order to serve you, in order to serve you who listen to this podcast, in order to

serve my clients well, I need that time. That's time that I've got to get my

batteries recharged. You need that time. You've got to have something like


Let me telly about another group that I'm a member of. It's a very informal

group. We get together every few months. We give each other about forty-five

minutes to an hour. We talk about whatever topic we need to talk about. In

fact, I just left that group. Whenever we're together, we're actually going to

increase the frequency of that group. It changes the game. I am potentially

making a significant service shift just based, I mean based on a lot of prayer

and insight and perspective and planning. Don't get me wrong. I just spent the

last four months planning this. With their insight in forty-five minutes, I'm

willing to make significant changes to that plan and what that looks like.

You need that. You need something like that where you can go to an objective

setup, bring salutation that you're going through, and offer insight. That's the

other value of a Mastermind is you're not only the coachee, but you're also

the coach in those meetings as well. You get to hone in those skills of

coaching, because you need to be coaching your team. That gives you great

practice on how to coach your team.

Okay, two other types of Masterminds that I lead myself. Those two I'm

members of. These two that I'm about to tell you, I am the facilitator leader.

One is a very, very stringent, very strict [agendad 00:17:00] coaching

Mastermind. I follow my Four Steps to Business Freedom Framework. It's a six

month termed Mastermind. Those other two Masterminds I told you about do

not have a term. These are six month Masterminds front to back. We walk

though the Business on Purpose Four Steps to Business Freedom coaching

program. It's a very action/accountability oriented group. There's homework.

We meet every week for a month, and then every other week for five months.

There's a lot of homework in that group.

I'm taking these business owners on a journey from where they're at today,

most of them are in business. Some of them are not yet in business, but

they're designing their business. We design it, either from the ground up or

while the business is actually going. We go back and retrofit everything that

they need in order to spend and to liberate them from working so much in

their business. We want to help give their lives back and build some margin

into their life. That's one type.

The second type of Mastermind that I lead is a more fluid, one hour, once a

059- Why And How You Need To Be In A Mastermind Group Page 7 of

week. We get, again virtual. We get on the horn together. We rotate man in

the middle, but we talk about various topics that I bring to the table, that I've

seen that are going on, trends that I'm seeing, anything that's happening. We

do have man in the middle, but we also talk about trends. That's also

structured in that we start the Mastermind with a big win. We always want to

celebrate what we're doing. Then we move to an action item. Then we move

to man in the middle. Then we move to our topic as time permits.

At the end of every single Mastermind I have guys, if you don't remember

anything else about a Mastermind group, remember this. Number one, there's

a definite time to the Mastermind. Do not let these things go on and on.

Create a sense of urgency and come back next time. Number two, action items

and accountability. Action items and accountability, I'm going to say it again,

action items and accountability. If you do not have action items and

accountability, do not waste your time on a Mastermind, because you've got

to see things that are happening. People's time has to be valued. How do we

value people's time? It's not only about the presence of being there, but it's

also by the action we take on the backend.

Guys, sometimes the action may be nothing at all. Maybe guys take this week.

I just want you to sit, and I want you to have some reflection time. I want you

to take thirty minutes to just simply do nothing. Sometimes that's the action

item you need. In fact, some of you are listening to that going, "Wow, I could

use some of that as well." The Mastermind is a must for you. Again, it's not a

Bible study, although you may study the Bible. You may study somebody else's

faith background. It's not a just kind of a haphazard group, although there may

be that time. It's not a family topic time, although you will talk about family.

It's not devoted to any one of those things. What a Mastermind is is to get

these minds together, and for you guys to grow together and hold each other

accountable to whatever it is that you're talking about.

All right, so that some insight into the Mastermind. I've given you some real

specific things that you can think through as you develop a Mastermind. Do

you need to be certified to have a Mastermind? Absolutely not. You do not.

What you need to be able to do is facilitate a group, and you need to be able

to have some authority in that facilitation quite honestly. Here's what you can

do. Do you want to lead a Mastermind? If so, the fist thing I would recommend

you doing is putting together a simple, bullet pointed agenda of exactly how

you want that meeting to flow. I would write down the names of ten guys who

you could see to get together. Put a price tag on it. Some of you are thinking,

"Do we put money to our Mastermind?" Without question.

As my buddy [Dan Miller 00:20:50] says, "When people … " How does he say

it? "If they're not paying, they're not paying attention." Put a dollar figure on

it. Make people put skin in the game. I'm a part of Masterminds that are

anywhere from two-hundred fifty to five hundred dollars a month. I'm just

going to put that out there. You will, I promise you, you will pay that back in

059- Why And How You Need To Be In A Mastermind Group Page 8 of

spades by the investment you put in, as long as you show up and follow

through with what the action items and accountability are. If you want to lead

a Mastermind group, don't lead it unless you're willing to put some money to

it. It could be fifty bucks a month, a hundred bucks a month, three hundred

dollars a month, whatever it is, put dollars to it. That's the only way people are

going to see value in it. Do not give your stuff away for free.

I spent about fifteen years doing that. I realized I was not serving my client

well. I'll tell you a little story about pricing by the way. This is a real candid

story. I was going to be gone for a week for one of my coaching clients. I

reduced my coaching amount. He called me. He said, "I want to tell you, I'm,

I'm upset with you. Something you did really, really frustrated me." I'm like,

"Oh, my goodness." I'm very sensitive to people. I'm an i on the DiSC profile

first, then a C as a backup. I said, "Well, what happened?" He said, "You

discounted your invoice."

He said, "That, that reduces … It makes me uh think that you're reducing your

value to me." He said, "Scott, your value to me is not just showing up here to

have a face-to- face meeting." He said, "Your value to me is while you were

gone, you sent me training videos. You sent me training podcasts that you had

already pre-done. Uh, you you've put in place principles in my mind. I'm not

paying you to meet with me four times a month. I'm paying for what you know

and where you can lead me, whether we meet four times a month or not.

Stop thinking of your pricing as time for dollars. Even those of you who are not

doing Masterminds, I know this isn't a pricing thing. We need to do a whole

[nother 00:22:44] podcast on this. If you're looking to lead a Mastermind,

price your Mastermind. Put together an agenda. Figure out what the results

and outcomes are going to be. Find ten guys. Go ask them to be apart. Just go

do it. Go do it right now. Ask them to be a part. If you want to be a member of

a Mastermind, determine what type of Mastermind you want to be a member


Are you trying to grow an online business? Well there's online Mastermind

groups. Do you want to be in a Mastermind that is cross industry? There's real

value in that. Those are the types of groups that I lead frankly, because I see

huge value in a landscaper getting together with a structural engineer getting

together with an architect getting together with a dentist. Those business

owners being able to kind of feed off of each other in a Mastermind. I also run

a group with a friend of mine [Enik Seers 00:23:36] directly for architects. We

just do nothing but deal with architects in that Mastermind group.

Do you want to be industry specific, or do you want to be cross industry? If

you're looking for a Mastermind, you want to be cross industry, shoot me an

email, scott@mybusinessonpurpose.com. We've got a couple of spaces open

in our general Mastermind that you might be interested in being a part of.

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Now, go back to what I said earlier. Do you want to be a part of a virtual

Mastermind in an online forum? I'm actually a member of one of those as well.

It has worked incredibly well. I'll tell you this, the value you get out of that will

be directly proportional to the effort that you put into it. You need to know

that right upfront. If you're going to be a part of a virtual Mastermind, a

forum-based Mastermind where you actually don't see people visually or talk

to them, but you're doing it in an online forum, and we're about to launch a

Business on Purpose Virtual Mastermind. I mentioned that at the outset.

Where you'll have access to other business owner, and you'll have access to

me, but it's all going to be in online forums.

Then in the Business on Purpose Virtual Mastermind, we're actually going to

offer a once a month live Q&A call, where I'll be facilitating the call. You'll have

access to me. Again, it's not just me. You're going to have access to other

business owners with things that are going on. All right guys. I hope that's

been helpful with how you can use and leverage Mastermind groups.

Hey, go check us out while you're up online at mybusinessonpurpose.com.

Dependent on when you're listening to this podcast, if you listen to this

podcast within a week or two of when this podcast is out, we may not have

the membership site up. If you're listening to this podcast later on, you can go

to virtual … I just forgot the URL. You can actually go to

virtualmastermind.mybusinessonpurpose.com. It's

virtualmastermind.mybusinessonpurpose.com. You can check out the virtual

Mastermind there and see what value and what benefit is in there for you to

be a part of a Mastermind. That might be a good entry point for you as well.

That's some insight on Mastermind groups. I'd love to hear your feedback.

Post some comments in the section on the blog post where this Mastermind is

posted. Give me your experience with Mastermind. I'd love to hear the

experience you've had with that and some things that you've gained and

gleaned and how it's changed the game for you.

All right, guys. Hey, thanks for joining me this week. As I mentioned, tons of

fun to be able to hear and to gain insight on this. We're going to be doing

more monologue podcasts as we go. We're also still going to have great

interviews. Make sure that you stick with us. Check us out. Be here right here

next week on the Business on Purpose Podcast.

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058 Stephanie O’Brien: Inside The Mind Of A Millennial Entrepreneur

Stephanie helps us identify one of the greatest priorities and motivators for a Millennial: a desire to learn and be mentored.

For so long we thought that leading all people looked the same across generations and was largely driven by monetary incentives. Stephanie busts that idea on its head and helps us understand how we can allow take a detour from the “common life plan” and build a life and business that is genuinely “Moved By Purpose”.


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Take action and find out your unique personality Business On Purpose DISC Assessment.

Do you need accountability so you can implement on something?  Email Scott to join a Business On Purpose Mastermind Group!  A new group is forming right now!