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How Much Does Business Coaching Cost?

Although this is a very difficult question to answer, we will try to do our best here to explain some general time and pricing guidelines. Read More…


What's the ROI For Business Coaching?

We answer the question to one of the largest elephants in the business coaching room…the measurable Return On Investment for business coaching. Read more…


    What are the real-life challenges, issues, and problems with business coaching?

    Contrary to the marketing messaging of some business coaches…not all coaching works. Here are four common problems to be aware of when searching for a business coach. Read more…

      What challenges keep a business owner from implementing business coaching?


      If the business coach operates a healthy coaching playbook or roadmap, the business owner must do their part to implement. We will walk you through the 5 challenges that keep business owners from implementing business coaching. Read more…

        What is the difference between business coaching vs. consulting?

         In this article we will walk you honestly through the benefits of coaching for business owners and how coaching is different than consulting. You may not know…and that is ok. Read more…

          What are the best books that I should be reading as a business owner?

          We know that “readers become leaders”, but with millions of books that you COULD read, where do you start? We’ve built a powerful list of the top 5 books that all business owners should be reading. Read more…

          What are the best tools to keep track of all of the work we have to manage in our business?

          We get it…managing all of the moving parts while trying to wear all of the hats can be overwhelming. We compare the 4 best project management tools you can implement now to start being liberated from business chaos. Read more…

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          Scott guides you through building vision, mission, values, systems, and processes so you can get your life back. Armed with tools and templates, you will have what you need to build a Business on Purpose. Build a business that you own, rather than one that owns you. Make time for what matters most, be liberated from chaos, and create a life you love.