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This tool will help you stop working IN your business…

And Start Working ON Your Business


How To Delegate One Item To Someone Else Right Now

You are overwhelmed with tasks to be done for your small business. Thousands of Heroic Small Business Owners have been liberated from the next layer of chaos using this simple principle and template.


Ready to be liberated from chaos? Join THE ONLY community available for small business owners that joins forces with My Business On Purpose to bring FREEDOM through the power of working together. 


The Business On Purpose Podcast is a weekly podcast dedicated to helping liberate you from the CHAOS of working IN your business. My goal is to help small business owners and organizational leaders unlock the things you cannot see, and develop actionable strategies and systems that will help you live out your business on purpose.

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Let Your Business Burn

Scott guides you through building vision, mission, values, systems, and processes so you can get your life back. Armed with tools and templates, you will have what you need to build a Business on Purpose. Build a business that you own, rather than one that owns you. Make time for what matters most, be liberated from chaos, and create a life you love.