“It’s just business” is a scapegoat for not having to express emotion when we need to make a hard decision related to work. If you snub a client or employee on a project, the short-term fix is to simply hang it on the rack of “It’s just business.” We have all heard people say it. We may even have said it ourselves. But it is not true.

When you hire or fire someone, their emotions and responses follow them home. When something exciting or terrible is going on at home, their emotions and responses follow them to work.

My mind is constantly employing itself with home, family, work, faith, politics, global thoughts, and a variety of other things at 3:37 A.M. on a Tuesday when I am trying to sleep and at 2:21 P.M. on a Wednesday when I am trying to work.

Business and life intersect, and they are continually connected. 

One of the purposes of business is to serve us in life, and one of the purposes of life is to work and use our skill sets as a means to serve others.

Business is not an isolated silo where we escape from the reality of everything else going on in our life. 

Business is a part of that life, and it is a powerful way to live out the “narrow brilliance” that God uniquely designed you with. Business sits at the intersection of our family, faith, relationships,  politics, and a variety of regular life events that happen every day.

You have heard people say, “I keep work at work.” That is impossible and naïve. The mind is both a play-by-play sports announcer constantly bantering and a bad roommate who will not be quiet.

As we progress through daily life, our mind narrates the world.

  • That is a cool tree.
  • You did not finish your email before you left.
  • Your bank account is running dangerously low.
  • Your daughter wishes you would spend more time with her.
  • Mmm., that steak is delicious!


Those thoughts do not magically suspend when we go to work as if our mind acts in a silo.

The sharpest minds in the world create and leverage maps to navigate complex explorations. 

It is not just business. Business affects everything. Having and maintaining the right perspective is paramount.

Scott Beebe is the founder of Business On Purpose and the host of The Business On Purpose Podcast.  He can be found at freedom.mybusinessonpurpose.com.