We are wrapping our fifth calendar year as a business and in pursuit of our mission to liberate business owners from the chaos of working IN their business so they can build a business on purpose and leverage their business AS their mission in life.

Why We Are Doing This Work

E.F. Schumacher says there are three purposes to work:

  1. To provide a necessary and useful good or service
  2. To enable every one of us to use and thereby perfect our gifts like good stewards
  3. To liberate ourselves from our inborn egocentricity (i.e. we work so we can be humbled and therefore humble)

To us, our work is a display of our faith.  Faith is the conviction of something that does not exist, and work is the creation of that thing that we see only in our minds that would be useful to others.

When we coach, plan, prepare, market, support, encourage, and research we are doing so to create something useful to others and to ourselves.

As to our mission, we have an enemy that hassles our dear business owners.  Chaos.

Chaos has set the groundwork for many of our beloved, heroic business owners (those we work with and those we do not) to be distracted from their purposed work.  It is our work to help liberate them from the stubborn and filthy grips of chaos and instead guide them into the diligent world of healthy and fruitful work so they themselves can fulfill each of Schumacher’s three purposes of their own work.

When they enter this world of what Schumacker calls “Good Work” then we have the joy of knowing our work was useful.

2019: The year of “Aha”

Looking back I am compelled to see 2019 as the year we arrived at the peak of a very small mountain.

Of course, this mountain seemed unscalable in March of 2015 but now is a source of incredible joy when we think about the business owners who have been able to climb their own mountains with our encouragement, coaching, and support.  

Between the one-on-one coaching, our new LIVE/LOCAL group coaching, the BOP Roadmap, and Architect’s Coaching program, we have had the honor and responsibility of directly impacting a powerful number of owners and key leaders in just this year.  To our best estimate, at least…

443 Families!

…this does not include subcontractors, vendors, and suppliers.

2020: A little nervous…a LOT EXCITED!

I’ve got loads of clarity both for our Business On Purpose business and for our heroic business owners and their key leaders in 2020.

I’ll be honest, I’m a little nervous about two things.  Greed and Complacency.

In 2019 a critical mass of our business owners really figured out how to recognize real cash profit thanks to the a) multi-bank account structure, the b) level two dashboard, c) financial barn, and d) a lot of discipline.  It worked! The profit accounts started filling up and will continue to do so in 2020.

If we’re not careful it can lead to a mindset of coasting, or even worse…greed.  

To push beyond that, our word for 2020 is REINVEST, and I am ALOT EXCITED about that.

We are going to be relentless with our heroic business owners to REINVEST in vision, mission, values, systems, and process.  

REINVEST in identifying purpose.

REINVEST in team meetings.

REINVEST in processes and process roadmaps.

REINVEST in knowing our team through roles, org charts, and personality profiles.

REINVEST in knowing your numbers through our accounts, dashboards, financial barns, budget, etc.

REINVEST in owners connecting with other owners and key leaders connecting with each other.

REINVEST in our 12-week plan LIVE event.

REINVEST in our common goal and responsibility of building a business on purpose.

I’ll use Business On Purpose as an example.  Our major internal business focus is broken down into three tracks…

  1. REINVEST in our existing heroic owners and their teams the BOP process!  Not allowing them to coast, but constantly fanning the flame of the gift they have each been given.
  2. Expand the Business On Purpose Roadmap online member community among business owners who are generating annual revenues of $750k or less.  This will require a real commitment to thoughtful, helpful, and generous “marketing”.
  3. Hire our first full-time Business On Purpose Coach locally (Beaufort County and surrounding areas) showing our radical commitment to liberating our local business owners from chaos.  

In March of 2020 we will celebrate five years of liberating business owners from chaos.  Over the next five years, we WILL see overwhelming waves of liberation among existing and new businesses and their owners that will lead to a bona fide movement of purpose, generosity, and progress in marriages, families, and communities.  This WILL happen and we want you to be a part.  

You can begin to REINVEST in your own business by joining us for our next powerful, free webinar “Stop Hiring The Wrong People”, where I will build a hiring process from scratch right in front of your eyes!

You can register for free here at BOPWebinar.com


Scott Beebe is the founder of Business On Purpose, author of Let Your Business Burn: Stop Putting Out Fires, Discover Purpose, And Build A Business That Matters.  Scott also hosts The Business On Purpose Podcast and can be found at mybusinessonpurpose.com.