We only seem to know the famous people when they are famous.  

Most of the time we are under the illusion that life handed them the lottery and they just ended up that way.  

The proverbs are loaded with wisdom of putting in work in order to pull out value.  

A year ago I gave a talk to a group of men in the Iron Sharpens Iron Mastermind that my coach Aaron Walker leads.  In the talk I played my guitar to make a powerful point at the end.  My guitar skills are novice (to be generous) and I played a chord or two along with a looping pedal. 

Little did I know that Chad Jeffers (aka Carrie Underwood/Keith Urban’s Dobro/Steel Guitar player) was in the room and about to play for us later that night.  He did not intend to but he BLEW me out of the water.  Chad is legit.  He’s got massive talent and he is also connected to the world of country music.  He is an overnight success and it has only taken him two decades to get here.  

Chad sent me a message a couple of weeks ago that he had received from his former label rep Scot Michaels

Thought this was cool….

Scot Michaels

7 hrs · 

Everybody has dreams, that’s life. In the business I’m in there’s a lot of heartbreak but there’s also huge rewards. When the Chillaxification Tour kicks off in April of 2020 it will mark the 25th Anniversary I’ve been working with Kenny Chesney and my 500th Kenny Show. 25 years ago I uttered my first words to a dude who ultimately became one of my greatest friends..”you Chesney, get your (expletive) in the car we’re late”. 25 years ago we were sitting in a hotel bar in Tulsa, OK watching the ACM’s and Kenny told me, as Garth won Entertainer Of The Year, “someday that will be me”. In April of 1995 we were wrapping up a radio tour with BIG DREAMS, not knowing where his career was heading. Kenny worked his (expletive) off, determination like I’ve never seen, nothing getting in his way, doing everything his team asked of him, and making friends at Country Radio.

25 Years later, I couldn’t be more proud: 30 #1 records, 20 albums certified gold or multi platinum and playing for tens of millions of fans and above all of this still a FANTASTIC HUMAN BEING!!

Below show #14 in December of ‘95 Toy Hill in Little Rock AR: 10 people sitting on hay bales watching an acoustic set then Gillette Stadium in 2018. 

My 500th show will be at that same stadium as I celebrate with so many people that mean so much to me.  Clint Buffy Robin David Farmer Tim Holt Nate Mike Ginny Mike David Dawn Bob Jill Dean KatieJeanne BrianEspo Adrian Dianna Diane Louie Team WEA and KENNY!!

CONGRATULATIONS BUDDY we’ve had a lot of ups and downs but I will always cherish our friendship and along with that, our DREAMS!!!

Now let’s take 2020 by storm when we kick off this epic tour in Dallas come April!!

Before Bill Gates was a billionaire, he was a quirky kid who would code for days on end.

Before Ed Sheeran was a global phenomenon, he was a red-headed gig artist playing four to six gigs a day, week after week.

Before your favorite celebrity was on your radar, they were grinding away night and day to put in the work.  

They may be an overnight success to you, in reality they are anything but. 

Three questions you can answer to begin putting in the work to become your own overnight success.

First, write down the answer to this question, “what do you want?”

Do you want to work from home?  Work from the road?  Work from Riomaggiore?  Work from a cubical?  Travel? 

What do you want?  Write it down.  If you do not, it does not exist.

In 1985 Jim Carrey wrote himself a $10 million dollar check for “acting services rendered” future dated November 1995.  By Thanksgiving of 1995 he found out he would play the lead role in Dumb and Dumber where he would earn $7 million.  His co-star Jeff Daniels would earn $50,000.

Write it down.

Second, what roadblocks will keep you from what you want?

Do you need to connect with certain people?  Learn certain skills?  Do you need to begin writing, reading, speaking, coding, wiring, building, or researching?  

Identify the roadblocks and you will begin to design the workarounds needed.

Finally, ask yourself how much time and money you are willing to invest into becoming your own overnight success.

As a business owner, if you want to begin creating a business you work ON rather than spending all of your time working IN, then you will need 2-3 devoted, distraction free hours each week to build a business that will allow you the long-range, multi-year, “overnight” success that you are looking for!

Ed Sheeran says that the “magic” of writing great song lyrics is to see your work as a water tap.  Turn the tap on (start doing the work) and (crap) water will begin flowing out.  Over time cleaner and cleaner water will begin to emerge.  Even as the majority of water from the tap is clean, you will still experience some (crap) water from time to time. 

Sheeran said, “I wrote millions of songs and played millions of gigs…sometimes up to six a day.”  Six a day!  

The fastest route to overnight-success-ism is to do purposed, focused work for years, navigating through the roadblocks, turning on the tap of your work, allowing the crap water to flow until finally…just finally, after many many years, you are now an overnight success.

If you want to begin investing right now then go to Freedom.Mybusinessonpurpose.com and start logging those 2-3 hours every week to work ON your business.

Scott Beebe is the founder of Business On Purpose, author of Let Your Business Burn: Stop Putting Out Fires, Discover Purpose, And Build A Business That Matters.  Scott also hosts The Business On Purpose Podcast and can be found at mybusinessonpurpose.com.