There are seven things you will have to obsess over and implement if you wish to be the leader that you are looking for is looking for”

1. The Leader You’re Looking for wants a WRITTEN and repeated Vision

  • Story: BOP began in March of 2015. Most of my biz owner friends had what everyone saw as a successful biz…and they worked hard. When I began to ask them, do you know where you’re biz headed? There response was unanimous…”NO”
  • You ought to see the heartbeat a team member when WRITTEN VISION gets shared…it’s like a dry-soul gulping fresh water
  • Why?
    • Prov 29:18 – people die where there is no vision
    • Hab 2:2 – it is a catalyst for others to RUN!
  • How? 2-5 pages of details around these 7 categories: Term, Family/Freedom, Finances, Product/Service, Team, Client, Culture
  • A dream is a loosely held ideal…VISION is specific and clear!

2. The Leader you’re looking for wants a WRITTEN and repeated Mission Statement

  • Story: Care Africa (voiceless, exhausted)
  • They are investing courage into the voiceless and exhausted.
    • 70 children (mostly single or double orphans) making sure they have what they need to grow
    • 40 Caregivers to make sure that they have what they need to grow
    • The mission commands respect
      • If voiceless, but not exhausted = No
      • If exhausted, but not voiceless = No
  • Think of Moonshine
  • Less than 12 words, POWERPACKED and memorizable
  • THIS is how you answer the question, “soooo, what do YOU do?”
  • “I came to liberate business owners from chaos”
    • What did YOU come to do??…the leader your looking for, is looking for a leader who will have their mission written down and will OBSESS about it.

3. The Leader your looking for wants you to know you’re NUMBERS (and to help them know their numbers)

  • Not just P&L’s and Balance Sheets…REAL CASH
  • Story: Gerrick (grew up in a house that just needed a little jingle in the pocket…his Dad was a “cash man”)
  • Money is a tool…treat it as such. Sharpen it and know exactly how to use it. Know what you have, know what you need, and plan for the unexpected
  • Control money…or it will control you and eat you alive
  • In 2020, the focus for our BOP clients is RE-INVEST (same things over and over)..why? Profit AND Generosity!!!!
  • Resource: Profit First for Contractors

4. The Leader you’re looking for wants agenda-driven, leader-led team meetings that don’t waste their time

  • Let’s face it, in the words of most employees…” meetings suck!”
  • Analogy: Meetings are the IV port to the body of your business
  • Story: American Paving Design (laid a great foundation)
  • Agenda Agenda Agenda…repetition repetition…DONT CANCEL
  • Resource: HBR Meeting Cost Calculator

5. The Leader you’re looking for wants to SEE where they fit in your business

  • Medicine has diagramed the human body to know exactly how the whole body works together into 11 body systems (Cardiovascular, skeletal, Reproductive, etc.)
  • Story: PSA (When I walked into PSA the first time…)
  • We are all members of one body each doing her part, but you MUST diagram the entire body (Org Chart) AND the specific body part/role that a leader plays (Job Role)…and review it regularly

6. The Leader your looking for wants to SEE the results of their work

  • Pilot flying a plane via a dashboard…real time feedback
  • Story: TJ (Dashboard)
  • Here is an example SIMPLE dashboard…job costing, job loss/profitability, cash, receivables, follow up, cold leads
  • Ambiguity leads to frustration and chaos

7. The Leader you’re looking for wants to have WRITTEN goals with proper resources AND accountability

  • Shoreline was building some incredible product but came to a sobering reality when Chris Dalzell sat down to actually write out his vision story.
    • A Shoreline home was a $1.5mm commodity
    • A commodity!
    • I could ride down the streets of PB and couldn’t tell you which house was a Shoreline house vs. the other builders in town…they were all beautiful
  • Shoreline Construction has transitioned and lived out the custom home building business, unlike any other builder I have seen up close.
  • THIS is their Customer Experience and Project Management wall
  • Chris, Steve, and John came to a healthy realization understanding that the Shoreline product was less about the finished product and far more about the 18-24 month experience that the customer felt.
  • Chris also made a tough decision that once every 13 weeks, he takes his entire team OUT of the field for a half day and, through the BOP 12 Week Plan LIVE Event, has each of his 20 team members build out their own 12-week plan
    • 3 goals
    • Unlimited tactics
    • 12 weeks to complete it
    • Embedded in their agenda-driven, leader-led team meeting and voila…GOALS ACHIEVED around the company with incredible predictability
  • The leader you’re looking for needs to SEE what you are shooting for!

BONUS POINT! The leader you’re looking for is looking for a leader who MAKES TIME FOR solitude to read and write.

  • Thomas Jefferson said it plainly, “I cannot live without books”
  • TJ and Gerrick Picture
  • Writing (show pics of annual letters)

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