Does your business back up its promises? Are you overpromising and underdelivering? Well…let’s find out. Good afternoon friends! Thomas Joyner with Business on Purpose here.

I’ll never forget one of my best Christmas gifts I ever gave my wife. It was going to be magical! 3 days in NYC a week before Christmas. I had planned the entire thing, managed to buy plane tickets, book the perfect hotel, found a substitute teacher to take over her classes she taught, even get her sister to take the train down from Boston to meet us for a surprise dinner one night. It was all ready to go!

So, we got on the plane as I finally told Rebeca where we were going so she could pack and we took off to New York City. Flights were great. Yep, nailed it. We jumped in our Uber from Grand Central Station to head to our hotel. I had checked multiple hotels in the area for a great view of the skyline in a historic hotel and found a great one that was affordable. We got dropped off, checked in, and took our bags up to the room before heading out on the town.

The moment we stepped inside our room I knew something wasn’t right. The luxurious king bed we had been promised was a full. I could kick the toilet from the foot of our bed it was so close and I could almost stretch my arms out to touch both walls in the room. 

“At least the view is amazing!”

Nope, I pulled back the curtain to see…a brick wall 3 feet from our window. Zero skyline view. 

What did I do wrong? As I went down to the concierge to ask if they gave us the wrong room? Nope, those are just the pictures of our 3 best rooms we use on our website.

I was hot! Not only had I been oversold, but there seemed to be zero concern for us basically being lied to.

Now, the trip was amazing. We look back and laugh about how bad that hotel room was. It was clean, the location was great, but it was not the luxurious experience I had hoped for. And it left me knowing that I would never come back to stay in that particular hotel again. 

Lead Well.

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It’s no way to do business. You can’t survive on one-time customers!

So, if you were to take an audit of your business. The things you promise your customers? How many of them would you say you deliver on?

Go ahead, stop this podcast or video right now and write down what you think are the deliverables you promise. What do you hang your hat on as a business? And rank yourself 1, 2, 3 on each of those things? If you looked at your last 20 sales. Where did you land on those deliverables? 1 meaning rarely, if at all, 2 meaning we were hit or miss but were pretty good at them, or 3 meaning we knocked it out of the park every time. Where did you land?

I can’t tell you how important this is in today’s business climate. At the click of a button, people can get on Google or Trip Advisor and see what others have said about you. 

And here’s the thing. Reviews are almost NEVER average. They are the people who are infuriated at your service or blown away by how great it was. So how can you audit your business in a way that leaves people blown away by OVER delivering on your promises?

Because we know this, all discontentment stems from unmet expectations. And if that’s true, you must know first, what are the expectations our clients have of us and how are we meeting or exceeding them in EVERY. SINGLE. INTERACTION.

If you haven’t read Jocko Willink’s book, EXTREME OWNERSHIP, you need to grab a copy or listen to it in the car on audible. He outlines what most organizations or businesses problems are…a lack of taking responsibility or ownership.

Think about it, the last time a customer complained. To their face, you probably looked at them and apologized and fixed it. But what happened behind closed doors. What words came out of your mouth next?

“She or He is just difficult. There was nothing we really could have done. What are you gonna do? They’re someone else’s problem now!”

Isn’t that what we do? We pass the blame. Never looking at it objectively and taking ownership. 

What if we did this. What if we asked, how could we have handled that differently? Knowing what we know now, is there anything we could have done to preemptively keep that from ever having been a problem?

If you can answer that question? Holy Smokes you become a business that’s going places. One that focuses on the customer experience from start to finish. One that takes ownership of the problems that are within your control, fixes them and delivers exactly what you promise day after day.

So be real for a few minutes. If you dare, go to a few of your top customers, take them to lunch, and ask them? I’d bet they would be honored to get asked where you can be better? How you can better serve their business? Where you’re not living up to and backing up your promises. 

If you can implement this into your daily habits and take ownership of this process, you won’t just settle for single-serving clients or customers. No, you will make customers for life! With steady business to grow off of, knowing full well, you back up every promise you make.

Man, that gets me pumped up!

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Thanks! Have a great day.

Thomas Joyner is a business coach in the Lowcountry of South Carolina specializing in liberating business owners from chaos. He is a weekly contributor to The Business on Purpose podcast and can be found at