Why Is It So Hard To Find Employees Right Now

We sat down for an impromptu Happy Hour last week with a handful of our local clients.  The topic we thought was most relevant was “how do we manage material delays and price increases?”

After some BIG Wins (we always start meetups with BIG Wins), we then lobbed the topic for discussion.  Within five minutes, all of our business owner clients were knee-deep in conversation about a different challenge… employees.

We started to slowly guide them back to our selected topic, and again within another five minutes, they were shifted back to deep discussion about… employees.

It’s true, the number one challenge most business owners deal with…employees.


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Top 5 Hiring Mistakes Business Owners Make

I once spoke with a former COO of Disney and had a brief conversation about how he spent the allotment of time he devoted to work each week.

His response was, “I spend 60% of my week trying to find the right people to bring into Disney.”

In my head, I’m thinking, “you mean to tell me that you are basically devoting all of Monday, all of Tuesday, and all of Wednesday to finding and hiring people?”

He obsessed over finding and developing the right people to fit the mission of Disney because he realized that the amusement of Disney is a commodity, you can find similar amusement at Six Flags, Carowinds, or any number of other theme parks around the world.

What makes Disney of higher customer value is the non-commodity part of Disney… people…


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How Healthy Is Your Business?

Who Holds YOU Accountable?

Who holds you accountable? To your standards, your goals, your vision?

Meeting with businesses can be a roller coaster. There are hundreds, if not thousands of variables at play every single day! So how do you navigate those? How do you work through those? How do you make sure you put the work in to build a business that matters?

What I see, more often than not, is that most of us don’t have a plan so we’re stuck in the same place spinning our wheels.

About a year ago, I was meeting with a heroic business owner and we spent a little over an hour talking about their business. The highs, the lows, the wins and the struggles. All of it. This guy had no problem articulating where he wanted to take this thing, and in all honesty, he had the confidence and drive to get there. He even had a plan for all of the stuff he wanted to develop in his team.

So we parted ways…


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