Hey y’all, Brent Perry with Business on Purpose. 

Are you celebrating your victories? In your business? Or even your personal life? It feels to me like we go through seasons that we have our heads down, or our blinders on and we’re just moving from one task to another, the next job, another fire to put out, you name it…and when we find ourselves in those seasons we can often miss the moments and opportunities to celebrate wins in our lives. 

If you have been in a room with one of our coaches here at BOP, you have probably heard us start most of our conversations with Big Wins, which is very intentional for us. It’s actually one of our unique core values. Beginning in Gratitude. 

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I was coaching a client of mine a few weeks back, and just like every week when we are together I asked the question as we were getting started…give me a big win. He thought for a moment, and then like a lightbulb going off above his head and his eyes lit up…that duplex he and his wife had been trying to sell for a year finally went under contract and they were going to be able to sell it. Again, they have been trying to sell this particular piece of real estate for a year, and it has been a thorn in their side. Awesome. What did you all do to celebrate? Well, nothing really, just kept on moving. 

What? Now, let me pause for a moment…this time isn’t about me telling you that you have to throw a party every time something good or special happens that would be a victory…but I am saying you need to make sure you pause, even for a brief moment to acknowledge your wins. 

One of the most disciplined men in all of sports, Tom Brady, gave himself 6 days after the super bowl to celebrate before he got back to work with his trainer Alex Guerrero. Now, this may not seem like a long time, and between you and me I would probably have taken a little more time myself, but for Brady, this was him celebrating his victory. 

Celebrating isn’t going to look the same for each person. But each person can celebrate.

Do me a favor, pull out a pen or your notes on your computer or your phone, and write down a couple of big wins…those victories you have had in your businesses over the last few weeks. These don’t have to be winning the super bowl wins, these can be small victories that can oftentimes go overlooked. 

In an article written for the Harvard Business Review, Steven Kramer wrote about minor milestones, 

Minor Milestones

When we think about progress, we often imagine how good it feels to achieve a long-term goal or experience a major breakthrough. These big wins are great—but they are relatively rare. The good news is that even small wins can boost inner work life tremendously.

Let’s celebrate wins. Even the minor milestones. And if you haven’t been celebrating these last few months, do me a favor and take yourself to a nice lunch and dinner.

Oh, and that’s exactly what that client ended up doing that night. He and his wife went to their favorite burger stop in town and celebrated their win with burgers and a shake.

Thanks for listening. 

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Brent Perry is a business coach located in Tennessee specializing in liberating business owners from chaos. He is a weekly contributor to The Business on Purpose podcast and can be found at mybusinessonpurpose.com