Hey y’all, Brent Perry here with Business on Purpose.  

I asked a few of my clients and friends who are business owners over the past couple of weeks, what keeps you going in your business?

On the not so fun days. The hard days. The want to check out at 10 am and be anywhere else days. Here were a few of the responses…

“Getting the opportunity to serve clients through the biggest purchase/sale of their lives. It is an opportunity to share my life, share my experiences, share my knowledge, and stewardship outside of myself.”

“The challenge of life that keeps me going in business. It can always be tweaked to work better for your clients, your team, and yourself. I’m motivated to create a life of freedom for my family.”

Lead Well.

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“Freedom … Although I work hard and it would seem I am “Tied Down” to and by my work, it actually provides me with the freedom to do something worthwhile, something worth doing, I love my work and the freedom it provides …  

“Personal Satisfaction … I get up in the morning excited to be able to provide work for my hands, and in turn work for many others hands … I get to put smiles on faces, customers, vendors, delivery drivers, coworkers, concrete techs, Mason’s, laborers, supervisors.”

These are just a few of the answers I got back. And I wish I had the time to share all of them. Because there is not a wrong answer when it comes to looking at what drives you to keep pushing the ball down the field. 

In an article written earlier this year in Forbes Magazine, they were discussing small business strategy, and they offered a column about entrepreneurs navigating seasons where they need extra motivation if you will. On that list, one of the thoughts that stood out to me, 

Connect with your peers and share advice

The article goes on to say, “Take the time to study other entrepreneurs, whether they are your competitors or simply your peers. What are they doing these days that seems to be working for them? What are they doing that doesn’t seem to be working? Most people are facing the same challenges you are, and we all have a lot to learn from one another.”

Sometimes what keeps us going is the people we have surrounded ourselves with.

So who is in your corner? Who are the people in your life that not only celebrate the wins with you but also will be there to spur you on?

I’m not sure where you are in your business right now. Maybe things are going great, and you are living in a season that you wish would never end. 

If that’s the case, take some stock right now. Take the time to make mental and written notes about what is going on, how you are feeling. Bottle it up if you will, because as we all know as a business owner those times can often be fleeting. But don’t forget the feeling you have…it might be what you need to keep you going down the road. 

Or maybe you are in a tough/difficult season. The kind of season where you ask yourself, is this even worth it anymore? Short answer, we would say yes, it is. So maybe if you are in this season right now, it’s a good time to make a list and remind yourself what motivates you. What keeps you going. 

And no matter what season you find yourself in as you listen, do me a favor. Reach out to someone today. Remember those people I mentioned earlier, the people in your corner (it can be a co-worker, a peer, your coach, your best friend, your spouse or partner… the list goes on. But reach out just to tell them thanks for being that for you. It can make all the difference in the world. 

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Brent Perry is a business coach located in Tennessee specializing in liberating business owners from chaos. He is a weekly contributor to The Business on Purpose podcast and can be found at mybusinessonpurpose.com