HELP! My Business Grew Too Fast

Before we dive in… I want everyone to take a deep breath.  You’re not the first person and you won’t be the last to feel this level of chaos.

For those of you who grew really fast…

  1.  What new challenges have emerged?
  2.  What new opportunities have emerged?

Wise leaders throughout history have always been truthful to lead the faithful to understand, “in this life you will have chaos… but do not worry.”

I will tell you the same thing, “in this business, you will have chaos… but do not worry… you can be liberated from chaos.”



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What you allow in your presence IS your standard

What little things do you allow in your presence that affect the culture of your business? Do they even matter? Absolutely! Let’s dive in and talk about that stuff today. Good morning, Thomas Joyner with Business on Purpose here, and I am so glad you tuned in today.

I was sitting with business owners all of last week talking through each of their employees and the little nit-picky things that frustrated them. One went off on the owner in front of the entire team…literally got in his face and yelled at him for 2-3 minutes. Another, was caught taking a nap in the back room while on the clock. Even another, had been caught saying that she fully finished an assignment and was caught in a lie. 

Any of this stuff sound familiar? Of course, it does! It’s the little things that, in the moment, you push aside because there are bigger fires to put out in other areas of your business. 


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How Healthy Is Your Business?

How to celebrate your victories

Are you celebrating your victories? In your business? Or even your personal life? It feels to me like we go through seasons that we have our heads down, or our blinders on and we’re just moving from one task to another, the next job, another fire to put out, you name it…and when we find ourselves in those seasons we can often miss the moments and opportunities to celebrate wins in our lives. 

If you have been in a room with one of our coaches here at BOP, you have probably heard us start most of our conversations with Big Wins, which is very intentional for us. It’s actually one of our unique core values. Beginning in Gratitude.


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