Hey y’all, Brent Perry here with Business on Purpose. 

It is once again the time on the calendar when the Business on Purpose team looks ahead and plans out our next 12 weeks of action. Each of us makes sure we get our 12-week goals and actions planned out, and we invite our clients and their teams to join us in the challenge of taking back our time and defining the important goals we want to accomplish. 

The idea of the 12-week plan has been around some time, and one of the best books that has been written on the topic, I’m sure you have heard us mention it before, “The 12 week year” written by Brian Moran. 

I tell you all this because this past week I got my copy back out and started reading through it to prepare myself for the upcoming 12 weeks. As I reread some of the chapters and concepts each 12 weeks there tends to typically be a different chapter that challenges me and helps realign me if you will.

The chapter this past week that really hit me hard is titled, Interest versus Commitment. In the chapter, Moran writes, “When you are interested in doing something, you do it only when circumstances permit, but when you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results.”

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Are you interested in your business? Or are you committed to your business in this season? 

I was with a good friend of mine this past weekend at his annual Banquet he hosts for the non-profit organization he directs. I got there early to help out a little bit, and we were talking about the unprecedented times that most non-profit organizations have found themselves in over the past couple of years. And we all know that story. We are still living it really. It’s not just for nonprofits out there, if for you as business owners as well. 

But where I was truly inspired by my friend, was his commitment to this cause. He told me that living through the past year and a half has made him more sure of the work he and this organization is doing. He is not stopping. He is not taking no for an answer. He’s not making excuses, just moving forward and fighting. 

That is commitment. I love the quote from this chapter that Moran uses, “commitment is an act, not a word.”

The 12-week plan is a powerful tool for several reasons. One of them being, the commitments you make…aka the goals you are setting for yourself, are for the next 12 weeks. Not a year, not multiple years, not a lifetime…12 weeks. 

Again I want to ask you the question, 

Are you interested in your business? Or are you committed to your business in this season?

If it interests you, this could be a long uphill 4th quarter coming up. 

If you are committed, make some goals for these last 12 weeks, and push on. Fight for those goals. They won’t let you down. 

Thanks for listening. 

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Brent Perry is a business coach located in Tennessee specializing in liberating business owners from chaos. He is a weekly contributor to The Business on Purpose podcast and can be found at mybusinessonpurpose.com