Do you give anyone license to speak into your life? Does anyone have a voice? Well, let’s talk about why that’s important today. Good morning friends, Thomas Joyner here with Business on Purpose.

I was driving home from the gym this week and pulled up at a traffic light. Normally I kind of just zone out. Not really taking much in. It’s a great time for quiet and thought before a day of coaching. 

As I’m sitting there at the light, I notice the truck in front of me has a license plate that’s a funky series of letters and numbers. I love quirky license plates. It took me a minute to figure this one out, but the letters were all caps. SG2BME. So Good to be me! 

Bold! Right?

So good to be me! My thoughts started racing. Wonder what that guy’s life is like? I mean he does have a nice truck. Wonder what he does? Wonder why it’s good to be him! Haha.

But then, I thought. That’s a pretty cocky statement. Like that dude is flaunting that his life is good. Did no one tell him that? Did he ask for anyone’s opinion about how that comes across? Is it a joke? Does he have anyone close enough to him that they would speak up? Man, I hope so…

Lead Well.

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Ok, maybe I’m overanalyzing it, but the question should remain. Do we have people in our life we give permission to tell us the truth? Do we have a tribe that we let in on the good and the bad? 

Another example for you, my wife runs a small business from home selling teaching curriculum around the world. She’s REALLY good at it. This past week she had a mastermind retreat of several business owners who do the exact same thing. They watched several keynote talks and sat around in the evenings discussing their businesses. They talked about the areas they have momentum, the areas they’re struggling and both cheered each other on and challenged one another. 

It was such a valuable time for her! To have another set of eyes watching her business telling her the truth.

It’s, in all honesty, one of the main values we bring as coaches. Holding business owners and key leaders accountable to what they say they’re going to do. Providing perspective and honesty when necessary. Encouraging, cheering on, challenging, and grounding them when the time calls for it.

But here’s the thing…we have to be invited into that space. I think sometimes we believe the lie that we have it, but we’ve never invited anyone in. We guard that space because we’re too arrogant in believing that we don’t need it. Or maybe we believe the lie that we don’t have time. Either way, there’s a major area that’s a blind spot for you if you don’t have someone looking and speaking into your life and business.

So, take a minute to pause this video and think through this…who is honest with you? Does anyone have the freedom to tell you, “Getting a license plate that says, ‘So good to be me,’ probably isn’t the best idea you’ve ever had!” Now I’m joking obviously, but who do you allow in to that space?

Do they know they’re allowed in? If the answer is, “They should know!” That’s probably not good enough. Set a time and place for those conversations to happen. Set up a lunch twice a month to facilitate that happening. Tell them you want everything they got!

Do you need a coach? Someone with content to lead you through and game-changing accountability to match it? Yes, you probably do! 

Only you can open up the door for it. Don’t miss out. Don’t be the guy driving around with no clue how he’s being perceived.

Last thing I’ll comment on is this. You may say, “Thomas I can’t spend all my time wondering what someone else is thinking and trying to please them!” You’re absolutely right. That’s why you give that permission to a select person or a select few people. People who care about you and will tell you the truth. NOT everyone else.

Find someone you trust and let them in today. If we at Business on Purpose can do that for you, let me take you to lunch and see where it leads. We’d love to match you up with a coach who can hold you accountable and lead you to a place of freedom instead of chaos as a business owner.

It’s so so worth it!

Have a great day everyone!

Thomas Joyner is a business coach in the Lowcountry of South Carolina specializing in liberating business owners from chaos. He is a weekly contributor to The Business on Purpose podcast and can be found at