If there’s a phrase that describes the small business experience…it has to be “survival of the fittest!” So what questions do you need to ask of yourself and your business to make sure you survive? Well, I’ve got three for you…so, let’s talk about that today.

Hey everyone! Thomas Joyner with Business on Purpose here.

In the crazy pace that most small business owners run, it’s easy to run through a week, two weeks, a month, and never come up for air! There are sales to make, employees to manage, fires to put out, books to reconcile, invoices to send, voicemails to return, tech issues, supply chain issues, angry customers…and whose shoulders does almost all of that fall on? Yep, you guessed it…YOURS!

So how do we make sure we’re tracking the right direction. How can we grab a small ounce of perspective in the midst of the craziness? Well, I would argue that you can ask yourself 3 simple questions in an owners-only meeting with yourself and have a quick idea of if you’re on track.

So start by putting a 20-30 min meeting on the calendar with yourself. Don’t cancel it for anything. If you need to bring in a key leader from time to time to get some different perspectives, that’s completely fine. I would actually encourage it once a month or so, but cherish this time for the value it can bring to your business.

Lead Well.

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Question number 1…

     1. Are we distracted by anything?

What a great question to start off with. It forces you to look back at your Vision and Mission. In the context of where we want to go and why we’re going there, is there anything pulling us away from that? Services we’re offering, problems that we need to solve, employees holding us back, things we need to say no to instead of winging it. Is there anything in our life or business that is preventing us from moving forward?

Write those things down. Keep a list. And one by one, begin to eliminate them. I think you’d be surprised by what you come up with when you look back at your vision and mission weekly. I think it would prevent you from taking detours and keep you laser-focused on the goal. 

Here’s the thing, maybe you realize your vision is off…GREAT!!! Write down the updated Vision so that you and your team can run after it. Distractions hold you back, and if you label them weekly, you can push past and through them towards your mission.

     2. What did I implement this week?

We have so many ideas and thoughts every week. But what are we truly implementing? I have a client who is incredibly disciplined as a reader and podcast listener. He’s an amazing learner, really consumes an incredible about of content, but struggles to implement the content. So…we made a new rule. After each bit of content, audiobook, podcast, keynote talk, or whatever. After each thing, he consumes he has to write down and implement 1 thing before consuming the next. 

Because what good is it to consume the information if we’re going to do NOTHING with it??? No, we have to be people of action. It’s what brings freedom and impact to our businesses! So what if you set aside time each week and either wrote down what you implemented or wrote down what you were going to implement the next week? Maybe something from your 12-week plan? Good grief your business would change in 1-2 months!

But we’re so consumed with what’s right in front of us, we forget to implement and forget to continue tweaking everything, every week.

     3. Are we who we say we are?

If you’re brave enough to be honest with yourself, this question is a game-changer. Are we overselling and underdelivering? The answer may be yes or no. Or there may be areas where it’s yes and areas where it’s no. But this gives you the freedom to take an honest look at who you are and who you say you are. They NEED to match up! 

Imagine these past two questions working together as you realize where you fall short and then commit to implementing something that would change that answer. That is powerful! That’s building your business on purpose!

So when are you sitting down and making time for these 3 questions? Who else needs to be asked these questions to help give you perspective. 

I’d wager right now your business would transform if you had the guts to ask these every week for 4-6 months. It can’t help but improve. Do it, be brave, and do it!

  1. Are we distracted by anything?
  2. What did I implement this week?
  3. Are we who we say we are

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Have a great week friends!

Thomas Joyner is a business coach in the Lowcountry of South Carolina specializing in liberating business owners from chaos. He is a weekly contributor to The Business on Purpose podcast and can be found at mybusinessonpurpose.com