We have 8 weeks left in 2021, even less if you subtract time for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year! So what do you need to do before then? Let’s build a checklist together!

Good morning everyone, Thomas Joyner with Business on Purpose here. Real quick. If you have not already, go to boproadmap.com/healthy and take our healthy business assessment. If you’re curious at all about how well your business is running, it takes about 10 minutes and will let you know your score immediately! Again, boproadmap.com/healthy.

So, it is NOVEMBER! What? How? It feels like summer just finished and now it’s a full on sprint to the end of the year. 

So what do you need to do between now and then to make sure your business is ready to take on 2022? How do you proactively dive in and make sure that you’re intentional about 2022 being the most chaos-free year yet? Well, it starts with hitting on three areas of your business and life. I’m going to take a look at 3 workshop days you need to take for yourself before the end of the year to ensure that your business is ready for everything 2022 will throw at you.

Lead Well.

If you're looking for more resources to work ON your business, we have them.

Tweak and Revisit your Vision

The end of the year is the perfect time to look at the next year and make any necessary changes or tweaks. Are you well on your way? Is your Vision still possible? Is it too bold or not bold enough? Just read back through it by yourself, and then with your team. Keeping your vision always in front of you is a powerful way to make sure you hit the bullseye! 

A few questions to ask yourself…

Am I living the life I want for my family? Am I spending time with my spouse and kids? How is my mental health? Are there healthy rhythms I can continue to live in for a long time? If not, write down what that needs to look like and make changes.

-Is the business producing financially the way you had hoped and worked for? Are there any factors leading to that? Do you need to hire or let someone go? Is there anything standing in the way? Are there any new areas of opportunity for the next year that you hadn’t noticed in the past? How do you take advantage of those?

-Do we need to expand or shrink our product line or services to better reach our vision? This is huge! Too often we do what we do and never switch it up! I have a client right now who started offering Christmas light hanging, as they noticed their cash flow dropped in December and January. It helped him stay focused on his financial goal for his business and served a really unique need in his community!

How is our culture? Is there anything incongruent between who we say we are and who we actually are?

Is there anything we need to do differently? Recommit to team meetings, do some staff development workshops, maybe play together outside of work? Does anyone deserve a premature raise! So often we wait until employees ask, but what if we went on the offensive and decided that to keep the people we want on the bus, we may have to give them raises before they ask for them to show them we value them! Man what a way to build a positive, culture of appreciation!

Lastly, write your team a letter to celebrate. Too often, we don’t take time to celebrate! What did we, notice I said WE, accomplish. This is a team. Give credit where credit’s due. Don’t blow smoke at your team, but tell them how grateful you are for them. Tell them where you were this time last year…acknowledge the hard things and shed light on the areas of growth!

Your team wants to feel like they’re on a moving train, so tell them where you’re headed next, but do it in the context of gratitude for a lot of hard work over the past year! That builds culture. That pushes them to want to stay in YOUR business vs look somewhere else. 

Put it in writing! Tell them to hold onto it. That way every time they get discouraged they can read where you’ve been, see where you’re going, and get excited about the direction they’re running. 

Celebrate, Celebrate, celebrate! Don’t just keep pushing. Take a deep breath and celebrate.

Alright, that’s step one…do that this week! I’ll have step two for you next week, but Revisit your Vision and write a letter to your team THIS WEEK! Don’t wait. I promise it will get lost in the holidays if you let it. 

Have a great week and I’ll see you back here next Monday to talk through what you need to look at in your business finances before the end of the year.

Take care.

Thomas Joyner is a business coach in the Lowcountry of South Carolina specializing in liberating business owners from chaos. He is a weekly contributor to The Business on Purpose podcast and can be found at mybusinessonpurpose.com