What is your mindset going into 2022? What questions are you asking yourself to ensure that you think differently this year and keep growing? I’ve got 3 that I’d assume you haven’t thought of yet and I’m excited to ask you today.

Happy New Year to you friends! Thomas Joyner with Business on Purpose here. So excited you are joining us and tuning back in for another year of the My Business on Purpose Podcast.

Each year I try to think differently. To walk down different paths and view things from another perspective! It helps keep things fresh and new and keeps me from getting bored. But, it also helps me to keep moving forward. To keep growing and continue being shaped and resist stagnancy. 

I may come to the same conclusions year after year, but at least it will be reinforced by a new perspective and foundation for those same beliefs.

So, after thinking through some new perspectives with my clients at the end of 2021, I started asking some questions that are moving me towards some new actions in 2022. I’m excited to take this on as it’s a new opportunity to be intentional in everything I do.

Alright, so after taking some time to craft these questions last week, here’s what I want you to wrestle with this week.

Lead Well.

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Question number 1.

  1. What do you consider wealth?

I stumbled across an interview with Bob Marley from around 1970 and a reporter was asking him if he made a lot of money. 

“What’s a lot to you?” Marley asked back. “Millions,” the reporter came back. “No.”

“Are you a rich man?” The reporter then asked. “What do you mean rich?” Marley looked genuinely confused. “Do you have a lot of possessions, money in the bank?” 

Here’s where I was captured…Bob Marley finished with this…”Possessions make you rich? I don’t have that type of richness. My richness is life, forever.”

And you can hear it in his Rastafarian accent. It’s amazing. And yet has to make you think right? What do I consider rich or wealthy? What do I consider wealth?

Am I chasing someone else’s version of “rich?” or wealth? Or am I running after something that I know, if I catch it, I will be content and happy and joyful and satisfied?

I’d wager that a lot of us have never truly stopped to think about how we define wealth. Or what you want your wealth to consist of. And what Bob Marley says is a bit ridiculous right? Life, forever. What is that? But at least he’s living his version of rich. That’s all you can ask for. 

Now hear me say this. Wealth has to be separate from monetary goals. It can be a part of it. But if you are not happy without it, Money never stands a chance to truly make you happy. In fact, a lot of times it just brings on more and more problems. Accents the hole within.

So take some time today to work on your Vision for this year and Define wealth!

Question number 2…

  1. If someone looked at the way you spend your time and money, what would they say you value?

I almost didn’t write this question as it’s so personal. It’s a shot to the heart right? It always hits me in the face at the end of the year when I look back at how we did on our budget.

We spent what on what??? Are you kidding me? We don’t even like that! Why are we spending our money on that? Or when I look back on how we spent our time last year. Is it with the people we love and care about? Was it doing things we want to be doing or having experiences we will remember? 

Or did we waste time? Are we locked into habits that we’re sick of? Are we spending time places out of obligation that in no way bring us life? 

What does the way you spend your time and money say about what you value? And what do you hope your time and money show your value? Where’s the disconnect? 

That leads us to our last question…

  1. What do you need to do to intentionally change that?

The time is now to make a change. Is it hopping online and canceling all those tv subscription packages that add up! Is it putting time parameters on your iPhone to keep you from scrolling your way into oblivion with all the social media crap you inhale? Is it building a weekly schedule and truly time blocking your week so that the things you value truly have a time and a place and are built into a rhythm for your week?

Is it setting your alarm earlier and placing it across the room so you can’t hit the snooze button? Is it signing up for a class or sitting down with your calendar and putting the things you value on there RIGHT FREAKING NOW, so you make sure to prioritize what you value?

I know if you don’t do it now, you will look back on 2022 with regret. Because either you own your time and spend your money intentionally or your time and money get spent for you. There’s no in-between.

And no, you don’t have the time, you have to create the time. It will not just happen.

So, think through those questions this week.

  1. What do you consider wealth?
  1. If someone looked at the way you spent your time and money, what would they say you value?
  2. What do you need to do intentionally to change that?

Enjoy! As always, if we can help be a part of chasing that with you, please reach out.

Have a great 2022 and please go ahead and subscribe to this podcast if you can. We want this content delivered straight to you every week, so make it as easy on yourself as possible.

Take care!

Thomas Joyner is a business coach in the Lowcountry of South Carolina specializing in liberating business owners from chaos. He is a weekly contributor to The Business on Purpose podcast and can be found at mybusinessonpurpose.com