What Is The 'Business On Purpose Roadmap?

Build A Master Roadmap | Implement Processes | Delegate | Make Time For What Matters
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How Do You Know If You Need Vision, Mission, Values, Systems, and Processes In Your Business?


Do you lack clarity on why you are doing what you are doing?


Do you feel like all you ever do is chase fires?


Have you ever said, “Why can’t they ever do it right?”


Are you having a hard time actually hanging onto meaningful cash profit?


Do you lack focus in running your small business?


Do you feel like all you ever do is chase fires?


Do you feel like your business is running in spite of your efforts?


Do employees give you a headache?

You will rise or fall to the level of your Vision, Mission, Values, and Systems…and they must all BE CAPTURED!

When you do the Business On Purpose work you make the competition irrelevant. It is not easy…but it will pay off.

Lane Beene

Founder, Pilot Properties

Rob Lembo

CEO, Triad Design Group

Create Clarity

Articulate your Vision, Mission, and Values so others can RUN with you.

Capture Your Process

AS you do the next thing, capture it so you can delegate it with others.

Build Your Team

Team members no longer need to be headaches but allies.

Our Step-by-Step Process Has Multiplied Profits for Heroic Small Business Owners

FYI – for the first time since I can ever remember, I have cleared my inbox! No opened, unanswered emails. Liberated!

We implemented a brand new record and time keeping software system and had our first onboarding meeting THIS MORNING!

September I got some Freedom time, Barcelona for a week was amazing also long weekend in deep France great R&R. My staff got on with progressing projects, it was great! Mind you when I was back worked like crazy.

Your program is absolutely revolutionizing our business!

What Small Business Owners Are Saying

Mette Aamodt

Greg Clark

Happy new year! As I reflect on the year, I wanted to reach out and thank those that made an impact on my personal and professional growth. You’ve helped me realize that I needed to set higher goals, identify my values and vision, and get more organized internally. I’ve learned so much from the variety of perspective during the group’s weekly calls and overall felt more confident in running my business this year. Still a newb and got a lot of work to do yet am glad that I’m thinking through and setting up essential things for any business early on. So thanks for giving me that awareness. Fyi—I’ve done my accounting for the year and discovered a 35% growth from last year!! Yay!!


Owner, BEA Interiors

Our 12 week goals have again changed the way we do business. I feel like this is still a work in progress, but couldn’t be prouder of the things accomplished this year through each department’s plans. Think back on all of those “ideas” we used to talk about and not implement. In just one 12 week plan, we have a list of tasks accomplished. Having the BOP platform push us has been a blessing to OUR business. I hope you feel the same way!
Chris Dalzell

Owner, Shoreline Construction


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