Scott helps business owners build systems, process, and purpose to be liberated from chaos.

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Focused Small Groups

Company Engagement

Powerful Keynotes

  • Escape The CHAOS of Working IN Your Business and Get Your Life Back
  • Seeing What You Don’t See: The Three Layers of A Well-Constructed Business 
  • Stop Cutting The Line: The Five Stages of Every Business Throughout History

Game-Changing Workshop Modules

  • How To Stop Hiring The Wrong People: Watch Me Build Out A Predictable Hiring Process Right In Front of Your Eyes
  • Owning Your Schedule: Stop Wasting Hours Every Week On Small, Busy Work That Never Really Adds To Your Life
  • Empower OTHERS To Do The Tasks You Don’t Like: How To Delegate Almost Every Thing
  • Never Enough Money? Change Your Financial Future With A Cash Subdivision

Transformational Half and Full-Day Workshops 

  • MBA For The Rest Of Us: The Ingredients EVERY Business Owner Must Have To Own A Business On Purpose
  • (Not) A House Of Cards: The Five Foundational Principles To Build Your Business On A Predictable Foundation
  • The Business Owners Financial Ferris Wheel: A Normal Owners Guide To Knowing Your Numbers

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