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As NY Times Best Selling author Jim Collins puts it, part of building a company that is great, is making sure that you get the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats.  The Business On Purpose DISC Personality Assessment tool provides an objective look into the personalities of those already “on the bus”, and those who you may be thinking about bringing on.  Once you, or one of your current or potential team members takes the BOP Assessment, we will then schedule a 30-minute coaching session that will help ensure you getting the right people in the right seats.  Each purchase will include a copy of the profile both for you and a colleague.



A group of business owners and key decision makers (maximum of 7 per group) who meet live or online every week for one hour and 15 minutes to discuss big wins, and coach each other through Scott’s facilitation. Group coaching allows for you to put your business in spotlight confidentially while harnessing the power of everyone else around the table as a coach; then you get to return the favor and continue to do business on purpose!  Email me to request more information, or to sign up for this incredible opportunity.  All groups are $250/mo with a 3 month commitment.

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Coaching & Accountability
Immediate coaching from Scott and the other BOP Mastermind members through the powerful and interactive Forums.

Proven Processes & Training
Empowering you and your team to implement and make time for what matters most!

You will fight the frustration and CHAOS you feel from working in the details of your business and be liberated to creating a business YOU LOVE!

This virtual mastermind has several pricing options and different opportunities

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You’ve heard it said that if you don’t know where you are going, you’ll miss it every time.  Proverbs tells us that without vision, people wonder.  It is true.  Take action and do something different, sign up for the How To Create A Family Vision course and change the trajectory of your family.

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